R-ETRO Insulation System for Existing Walls

Half of the Energy Used in the Average Home is for Heating and Cooling. Inadequate insulation and air leakage are the leading causes of energy waste in most homes.

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Retrofit Insulation Options

Retrofit Insulation Options

The R-ETRO System offers building owners a simple yet effective way to attach the best performing insulation product to an existing building and then serves as a fastening point for finish materials.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is the most effective thermal insulation because of its inert properties: EPS has no nutritional value for plants, animals or micro-organisms. It will not rot and is highly resistant to mildew. EPS will not decompose or decay and its U-Value will not increase with age. Unlike batt insulation, there is no sagging or settling. No additional framing is necessary so thermal bridging is minimal.

R-ETRO Details - CMU Walls, Stucco or Stone Finish

R-ETRO Details - CMU Walls, Stucco or Stone Finish

When done in conjunction with other scheduled maintenance or rehabilitation, insulation is a cost-effective way to improve the building envelope performance in terms of conductive heat loss or gain and air infiltration or exfiltration. In the case of un-insulated basements, the addition of interior insulation also makes basement space more comfortable and useable.

  • Save Money: Significantly reduces energy consumption
    • Lowest U-Value available in an insulation system
    • The U-Value of EPS will not increase with age
    • Inhibits air infiltration
  • It’s Easy: Faster and easier to install than other insulation systems
    • For new construction or do-it-yourself renovations
    • Built-in fastening system is superior to systems applied with adhesives
    • Levels surfaces for finishing
    • Built-in rainscreen
  • It’s Safe: No health risks in installation and use
    • No CFCs, HCFCs. EPS will not mold, decay or rot
    • Modified EPS includes a fire retardant

    How it Works

    R-ETRO Ties are fastened to the existing building with screws at 610mm centers*. EPS Panels are fit over the tie flanges and another row of R-ETRO Ties are placed in the tops of the panels at 610mm. Panels can be easily cut around openings and protrusions from the building. Finish materials can be applied directly to the R-ETRO System or furring strips can be applied to the surface of the panels prior to finishing.

    * For areas with high wind-loads, please consult the R-ETRO System Product Manual. Acrobat Reader PDF

    System Components:

    EPS Insulation: Quad-Lock Panels

    Plus Panel Plus-FS Panel

    Ties & Metal Track:

    R-ETRO Plus Tie R-ETRO Plus Top Tie R-ETRO Plus Metal Track


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