Below are complementary products* for Quad-Lock Insulated Concrete Forms and Retrofit Insulation. Most of them are available from Quad-Lock distributors. We also have a few tips on selling additional products & services.

  • Wall Alignment & Scaffolding System:

    Adjustable and reusable steel & aluminum bracing system;
    up to 15% productivity increase over lumber bracing & scaffolding.
    Available for sale or rent from most Quad-Lock distributors.
    ICF Bracing & Scaffolding System
  • Ledger Brackets and Hangers:

    Galvanized steel ties embedded into the concrete
    for easy mounting of wood or steel ledgers, garage
    doors, cabinets, and other heavy items.

    ICF Ledger Connector System
    by Simpson Strong-Tie Co.

    ICF Ledger Hanger - fastened to Bracket with Ledgerboard inbetween ICF Ledger Bracket - anchored into concrete ICF Ledger Board Attachment
  • Drainage Board/Dimple Sheet:

    A durable plastic membrane to
    damp-proof basements and foundations.

    Delta?-MS Clear by Cosella D?rken;
    See installation instructions.

  • Peel & Stick Membranes:

    Adhesive membrane for
    damp-proofing & water-proofing
    of basements and foundations.
    Also effective as termite barrier.
    Quad-Lock Peel and Stick Membrane
  • Window Fasteners:

    Large Washers for screwing Quad-Lock Panels
    to internal window/door bucks.

    Also available in a stucco-friendly version.

    ICF Window Fasteners ICF Window Fasteners for Stucco Applications
  • Rebar Chairs:

    Plastic double rebar chairs provide a clearance of ?” [19mm]
    between rebar and bottoms of Quad-Deck beams or lintels.

    Meet minimum concrete encasement requirements
    in most jurisdictions and applications.

    ICF Rebar Chairs
  • Track Fasteners:

    Metal Anchors to attach Metal Track to
    concrete footings – ?” x 1?” [6mm x 31mm]

    Zamac Nail Drive Anchors from
    UCAN Fastening Products

    Track Fasteners
  • Grappler:

    Metal Baker Plate with Foam Locks
    can be used behind drywall to
    attach small items, such as
    curtain rods and toilet paper holders.
  • Low-Expansion Spray Foam:

    To fill gaps and restore
    insulation at utility chases.

* QUAD-LOCK Building Systems assumes no responsibility regarding the use of its products or any other third party products referred to on this Site. It is the responsibility of the user to comply with all applicable regulations and building code requirements concerning the use of these products. It is further the responsibility of the user to research and understand safe methods of use and handling of these products.